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History of AMPS

Standard of education is very low in our beloved country Pakistan and most of the people are uneducated or they have passed only 5th standard from government school. Very low number of students have passed Matriculation or Intermediate exams and …

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AMPS Offers

Keeping in mind the latest science education we also provide Islamic education to our students.


Computer Lab

We have a good computer lab which have 10 latest Core i3 desktop computers with Windows 10 Operating system. This lab is available from students from 5th class to 8th class where they can learn how to operate the computer. They can learn basic computer operations with this well furnished computer lab. We know 10 computers are not enough but with our limited budget we are planning to upgrade the computer lab up to 50 computers at least.



A big hall is under construction that will be used as a library for our students. Hopefully at the end of 2018, we will upgrade the school to 10th standard and also we will have a good library at that time with latest books on science and literature.


Hifz e Quran

Along with science, literature and computer education we also give a great importance to religious studies. We have a program for Hifz e Quran and learning Quran with Urdu translation. We have proper special classes free of any extra fees in which students learn the Quran with proper tajweed and to learn quran by heart.

Transport Serivce

AMPS also offers transport services to its students.

Al-Madina Public School has two school vans that are used as paid transport facility. These vans are available for only those students who can pay the monthly fees for transport alone and these are available only for within the city.

Articles from our students

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