AMPS Offers

Science & Technology is our focus but we will also give Islamic Education.


Computer Lab

We have a good computer lab that has 15 latest Core i5 desktop computers with Windows 10 Operating system. This lab is available for students from 5th class to 8th class where they can learn how to operate the computer. (more…)

Al-Madina-Public-School Library


We started the construction of a library for the students of AMPS. In 2018, we completed a small portion of the hall and used it as the library for the students of 7th and 8th grade. Then we continued our work for the rest of the part of the (more…)


Hifz e Quran

Along with science, literature, and computer education, we also give great importance to religious studies. We have a program for Hifz e Qur’an and learning Qur’an with Urdu translation. We have special classes after class 5 for learning the (more…)

Transport Serivce

AMPS also offers transport services to its students.

Al-Madina Public School has two school vans that are used as a paid transport facility. These vans are available for all the students who live in the city and can pay the monthly transport fees. Soon we will start a school bus for the city and a van for the students who live outside the city within 5 to 10 kilometers area.


Contact Us

Visit our school to see what your kids will get if you send them to Al Madina Public School or contact us via link provided below.

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Articles from our students

Our students can write blogs and can publish their creative writings to AMPS blog.

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