Things You Should Know About 19-inch Rack Mounting System

The 19-inch rack mounting system (DIN41494 and subsequent modifications) was presented for the first time in 1970 at the Hanover fair by AEG Telefunken and then became the undisputed standard in industrial electronics mechanics.

Production of 19″ rack cabinets and switchboards includes a wide variety of standard items, all of which can be customized for specific purposes.

Small-sized server rack cabinets for confined spaces, niches, vehicles, and wall or under-desk installation are available on the market with depths of 800 and 1000 mm, and heights 12 / 15 / 18 rack units. Certified protection of cabinets starts from IP20 up to IP55. Low degree of protection cabinets (IP20 for data centers and air-conditioned environments) are also available.

Other common modifications include perforated ports for front-to-back ventilation systems, ceiling fans for bottom-to-top ventilation (chimney effect), and mixed ventilation with the creation of grilles, slots or openings on any surface of the rack.

19-inch rack mounting system

Cabinets with a high degree of protection are used outdoors in dusty, humid or particularly narrow industrial environments. Completely sealed with IP55 degree of protection, possibly air-conditioned, for dusty environments or environments subject to splashes of water and/or other liquids.

They can be set up with 2, 4 or more pairs of 19″ rack profiles, lateral support brackets for heavy equipment, and fixed or pull-out shelves on telescopic rails. Sides, roofs, doors, and plinths are removable for better operation inside the cabinet.

Wheels can be mounted under the plinth (more protected and stable) or directly under the 4 vertices of the wardrobe if greater mobility of the same is required (when the wheels are mounted under the 4 vertices of the wardrobe this is approximately 15cm).

12U rack server cabinets can have cable entry flanges in the plinth (inside the cabinet and externally on the rear), in the roof, on the sides and doors, as well as can be equipped with lifting eyebolts or brackets for fixing them to the wall or to existing structures such as the floors of ships, trains or other vehicles, automatic machines, cabins or masonry bases.

A wide range of locks for double-bit keys is available: triangular, square, fiat-type, and coding.

Cabinets are completed with fixed or pull-out shelves on telescopic guides, cable management rings and bars, blank, ventilated or customized panels, multi sockets and power strips with any type of socket, any type of wiring, with section cables at the customer’s choice, warning lights, switches, and differential magnetothermic.