Google Places Business Listing Tips

9 Easy Tips to Perfect Your Google Places Business Listing

Business listing on Google places is the most effective way to promote your business and get local customers. You can claim your business on Google for free and can get positive reviews from your happy customers.

If you optimize your local business listing on Google Places, then you can beat your competitors in no time. But you have to provide quality services as well to get returning customers.

You can create your business listing from your mobile device or from the PC yourself. But if you ask a local SEO company to do it for you then it will be much better for you. An SEO company knows how to perfect your Google places business listing.

These are a few things that you should consider while creating or optimizing your local listing:

1. Use Accurate Business Name

This is very obvious. You have to use the real and accurate business name on your Google listing. If you try to stuff it with the extra keywords, it can help you in getting top of other listings, but it will hurt you as well in the long term.

You can add 1 or a maximum of 2 keywords in the business name by keeping this in mind that it further explains the nature of your business. Don’t add keywords to get extra advantage of Google search terms.

2. Provide 100% Accurate Business Information

It is very important to provide full and accurate information about your business to your potential customers. While creating the listing, provide an accurate business name, proper working hours, pinpoint address, phone number, fax number, email address, and website address.

Don’t provide PO BOX numbers in the address as the customers wanted to know your local business address to reach you. Also, provide local numbers instead of the free phone numbers or 0800 type numbers.

3. Write Compelling Business Description

Google allows you to use only 200 characters in your business description. Make good use of it and explain what services you provide, what areas do you cover, and why your business is credible.

If you are able to write a compelling business description with proper keywords and service areas, there are high chances that you will be on the top of your competitors on Google places.

4. Choose Right and Relevant Business Categories

While selecting the business categories, make sure to choose the right categories. You should select all the possible relevant categories that you are providing.

Selecting the wrong category will bring the wrong customers who would not do business with you. So, always choose the right category and fill in all 5 options of the categories.

You can add categories suggested by Google and also the free form categories that you can write yourself.

5. Provide Extra Details

If you provide extra details, Google and your potential customers will love it. For example, you can provide information about the payment methods you accept, extra services like free home delivery, or a 7-day return option.

Here you can again mention the areas you cover and any indoor facilities that you have at your business location.

6. Add Real Photos & Videos

In your Google places business listing, you can add 10 photos of your business. Make sure to use all of them by providing high-quality photos of your business location or the products/services.

You can also shoot a short video to introduce yourself, your business, the way you work, why to choose you so that you can attract your customers. They would love to know about you and your business before they buy your services or products.

7. Create Special Coupons

To attract your visitors, you can create special discount coupons only for the Google places users. It will help you to separate your Google places customers from your daily routine customers.

These discount coupons will help you to increase the leads.

8. Generate Citations

Generating citations is to get listing on other online websites and business directories. Google uses these citations to get an idea of the trustworthiness of your business.

There are various ways to get these citations. If you don’t know how to do it, again I would recommend you to hire an SEO expert who can do this important task for you.

9. Get Real Customer Reviews

You should encourage your loyal customers to leave positive reviews on your local listing along with the other business directors. If you have positive reviews on, TripAdvisor, Insider Pages, and other such directories, Google will consider your business as a trusted business.

Don’t ask the customers to leave reviews for a cashback offer. Only try to generate genuine and honest reviews from real customers.