Affordable Cities in Canada for International Students

5 Affordable Canadian Cities To Live For International Students

Recent research conducted by our team focused on determining the cost of living in several Canadian cities. Even while cities like Vancouver and Toronto are home to some of the most prestigious educational institutions in the country, the cost of living there might be prohibitive for the typical student.

The good news is that Canada is home to a number of cities that, in addition to having reasonable housing costs, are also renowned for the quality of their academic institutions.

If you are wanting to reduce your living expenses while you are pursuing your education, you should give some thought to relocating to one of the five cities that are listed below.

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Ontario’s St. Catharines

St. Catharines, Ontario, the main city in the world-famous Niagara Region in Canada, comes in at number five on our list of the cheapest cities. A one-bedroom apartment in St. Catharines goes for an average of $1,314 Canadian dollars a month, which places the city’s cost of living at a level that is 0.5% lower than the national average.

Because it contains more than a thousand acres of gardens, parks, and hiking trails, St. Catharines is often referred to as “The Garden City.” Additionally, Niagara Falls may be reached in less than a quarter of an hour by car!

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Abbotsford, British Columbia

People have a preconceived notion that British Columbia, in general, is an expensive province to call home due to the exceptionally high cost of living in Vancouver.

However, the province of British Columbia in Canada’s Pacific region is home to a few places that are student-friendly from a financial standpoint. Abbotsford, the largest city in British Columbia in terms of land size, is also one of the most cost-effective places to live.

Because the cost of living in Abbotsford is 3.6% lower than the average for all cities in the United States, it is the largest city in British Columbia with the lowest overall cost of living.

Abbotsford boasts the third-highest number of visible minorities of any city in the country, which means that international students will discover one of the most diversified populations in all of Canada here.

Moncton, New Brunswick

In spite of the fact that it is New Brunswick’s largest city, Moncton is consistently ranked as one of the province’s most cost-effective residential locations. The cost of living is 6.3% lower than the national average, with an apartment with one bedroom going for an average of $835 Canadian dollars a month.

Moncton, like many other cities on Canada’s east coast, is a welcome destination for foreign students, and the region as a whole has experienced a significant increase in the number of students coming from other countries over the past few years.

Laval, Quebec

Studying in Quebec, in most cases, results in significant financial savings for the student. Not only does the province of Quebec have some of the lowest tuition prices in Canada, but many of the communities within the province are also less expensive than the average throughout the country.

To put it another way, students can optimize their savings by selecting a city like Laval that has lower costs of living than their current location. Students from Chile can get their student Canada visa for Chile citizens easily, without any problem.

Laval is one of the largest cities in Quebec and has a cost of living that is more than 9% lower than the average for the rest of the country. It is located about 30 kilometers to the northwest of Montréal.

Sherbrooke, Quebec

Sherbrooke, in the province of Quebec, is in first place on the list of the cheapest cities in Canada for foreign students. Sherbrooke is sometimes referred to as the “student town” of Quebec and is situated around 160 kilometers east of Montréal.

Sherbrooke has the highest student population density in all of Quebec, with 40,000 students enrolled in eight different educational establishments.

The cost of living is 15.6% lower than the national average, and it is not unusual to locate one-bedroom apartments for significantly less than $800 Canadian dollars per month.