Beautiful Lakes in New Zealand

Top 8 Best Lakes in New Zealand For Tourists

In New Zealand, there are 3,820 lakes, some volcanic crater lakes, others glacier-fed lakes, and all of them are interesting. Here are the 8 largest lakes in New Zealand, listed in order of size for your convenience.

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1. The Taupo Lake

Located in the center of New Zealand’s North Island, Lake Taupo is New Zealand’s largest lake. This lake is a popular destination for tourists and residents alike because of its scenic beauty as well as its abundance of watersports and adventure activities.

Another major lure is the abundance of geothermal activity in the Taupo region.

2. Lake Te Anau

Attractions like The Milford Sound, Kepler Track, and Doubtful Sound are all accessible from Te Anau, New Zealand’s southernmost city.

Fiordland, a national park in New Zealand, may be reached through the lake’s three arms. Lake Te Anau, one of New Zealand’s most beautiful lakes, is a great place to go hiking, boating, and fishing.

3. Lake Wakatipu

Queenstown’s famous adventure town is located in the center of this body of water. Lake Wakatipu, which encircles a town like this, is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. Lake Wakatipu is a must-see when visiting New Zealand’s lakes.

4. Lake Ellesmere (Te Waihora)

Take a trip to Lake Ellesmere in Canterbury, located on the South Island’s east coast. Lake Ellesmere is a large, shallow body of water on the coast, separated from the Pacific Ocean only by a long, narrow sand spit. It’s also a vital habitat for wildlife.

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5. Lake Wanaka

Mountains and rugged coasts surround Lake Wanaka, creating an idyllic setting. Although it’s more than 300 feet deep, the surface is ideal for kayaking, paddle boarding, and other water sports.

Summer and winter visitors flock to Lake Wanaka, thanks to the nearby Treble Cone ski resort, which attracts a sizable crowd.

6. Lake Manapouri

Fiordland National Park has Lake Manapouri and the tranquil settlement of Manapouri. There are numerous little islands and quiet nooks to discover in this beautiful lake on the South Island.

As the entryway to Doubtful Sound, Lake Manapouri is also home to the world’s largest underground power plant.

7. Lake Hawea

Lake Hawea, which is located near Queenstown and Wanaka, offers a more tranquil atmosphere and a real South Island lake escape. During the summer and winter, visitors come to this lake, which is surrounded by mountains and offers a variety of outdoor activities.

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8. Lake Pukaki

Lake Pukaki, located in the Mackenzie Region, is one of New Zealand’s most beautiful lakes. Its milky, baby blue hue is year-round, yet it’s most noticeable when the sun is shining.

Those traveling between Queenstown & Christchurch or to the Mount Cook National Park often stop at Lake Pukaki, which is at the base of Aoraki Mt Cook.

Lake Pukaki is the region’s largest lake, and it’s surrounded by a slew of breathtaking natural wonders.