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Development Stages of a Newborn Baby: Guide For Mothers

After a baby is born numerous physical and mental changes occur to her body during the first months kick-starting his/her pathway into becoming an adult in the near future.

The development stages vary from one kid to another regardless of if they are twins. During the first three months, the baby’s brain is learning to live in the outside world.

The baby starts to smile as long as her senses tell her something is funny or when her mother giggles at her. Baby will always want once he/she smiles the person holding her also smiles.

The newborn hearing senses are now fully developed and the baby can hear different sounds and respond to them. Once a noise irritates her she will cry and if she was in deep sleep and one makes loud noises she will instantly wake up.

During the first month, babies are known to respond to different noises by blinking, startling, and frowning.

The eyes will be fully developed by the time the baby is born but the difficult thing will be the clarity of his/her vision. During the initial months, babies can see objects but can’t make meaningful shapes out of them.

With time their vision improves and they will be able to visualize. Babies are known to be a font of primary colors

Speech and language should eventually come into play for a normal baby. But for a newborn baby, the only mode of communication would be crying to pull the attention of the mother.

By the end of the 6th-month babies start discovering their voices and start making vowel sounds. Babies basically start by learning simple sounds such as mama or papa so as to pull the attention of their parents.

Lifting of the head is usually an achievement of most babies when they reach the age of one month but care should be taken so that the baby does not twist his/her neck. The mother can prevent this from happening by supporting the baby’s head.

Babies are known to start crying once their mothers enter the room if she was outside. This is due to the rapid development of their sensory organs, especially the smelling ones. Also, this is due to the fact that the baby is able to recognize the smell of the mother’s breast milk.