Mirror Glass Cleaner

The Best DIY Streak-Free Window & Mirror Glass Cleaner

Are you looking for the ultimate window and mirror glass cleaner that leaves no stains or streaks? A good glass cleaning product should have the capacity to clean your glass in a single swipe, without leaving any stains or streaks.

There are many glass cleaners available on the internet, but not all are valued for money and effectiveness. Here, we will discuss what qualities a good DIY glass cleaner must have.

First, let us understand the problems with glass surfaces:

Common Problems with Glass Surfaces:

  • Glass is used in shower doors and it tends to get dirty with soap scum and hard water stains.
  • Many people use acidic cleaners to clean these stains and end up causing etching marks.
  • Glass also gets dirty with dust, soap, and shampoo spills in showers, oil leaks in kitchens.
  • The glass used in the foyer and patio areas of a house gets covered with dust and dirt.
  • Moreover, the glass used anywhere in a house looks shabby because of fingerprints and hand marks.

As much as a glass adds elegance to a home or a commercial complex, it also makes the interiors look very dirty if it is not clean. Glass has to be cleaned in a proper way.

Here is a short guide on a DIY glass cleaning process. If you follow these steps, you will always have clear, shining, and streak-free glass and mirrors at home.

Here you can check how you can get rid of moisture at home.

Deep Cleaning

If you want to clean your glass surface off its grime, grease, soap scum and other stains, you need a very strong glass cleaner that knocks off dense stains without damaging the integrity of the surface.

A deep cleaning process is first recommended to clean your glass surfaces thoroughly and then seal them. You need a glass cleaner that will not cause any etching on the surface and nor should it leave any streaks or stains.

Moreover, if you use a very mild cleanser, you will not be able to achieve that ideal clarity your surfaces had when they were new.

You can try cleaning your glass with Benaz. It is a powerful DIY glass cleaner that helps you clean your glass surfaces really well.

Sealing Glass

After deep cleaning, you may have achieved an ideal clarity and cleanliness on your glass, but you cannot guarantee that the stains will not reappear again. These stains will reappear soon with the next use, making your glass look stained and dirty again.

The only way to prevent hard water stain formation and soap scum accumulation is to seal the glass surface. After sealing, water will no longer settle on the surface, instead, will settle in the form of small droplets, which will slide away.

A sealer is an excellent option for shower glass doors that get dirty quite often.

You can seal your glass with Valore Sealer. It is a strong glass sealer that forms a hydrophilic layer on the surface, making the water sheet off the glass.

Maintenance Glass Cleaners

For maintaining your glass surfaces after they have been cleaned and sealed, you need a maintenance sealer that will not hamper the top sealant, while also cleaning the surface well.

There are very few maintenance cleaners available on the market. Often your glass starts looking shabby or dirty due to dirt and dust.

You can try using Valore Maintenance. This combination of a glass cleaner and sealer can give you an ideal clarity and shine on your glass surfaces instantly.

This way, if you deep clean and seal your glass, you can maintain it later with a maintenance cleaner to remove all the superficial dirt and stains.

This way, you can also ensure a streak-free glass and mirror surface. These products mentioned above are from pFOkUS. Their products are generally good and deliver good results.