Facts and Attractions of Bekal Fort in Kerala

Bekal Fort can be reached from Mangalore in around 68 kilometres, and Kasaragod in approximately 15 kilometres. A journey to the Bekal Fort is sure to captivate visitors who are interested in Indian history as well as natural beauty and ancient monuments.

To assist you in properly planning your vacation, the following information regarding Bekal Fort’s opening and closing times, admission prices, and other pertinent details are provided.

These days, many people visit the Bekal Fort because it’s a prominent tourist site. In point of fact, because of the breathtaking scenery, it is frequently used as a shooting site for movies as well as commercials.

It is one of the most spectacular locations to visit in Kerala due to its well-manicured gardens and gorgeous pathways, which add to the overall allure of this historically significant structure. If you want to visit this historical fort from Germany, then you should know how to apply for an Indian visa for German citizens.

Attractions to Look Out for at the Bekal Fort

Anjaneya Shrine is a temple that is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and is located near the entrance of the fort. It is thought that the shrine predates the fort itself by the same amount of time.

Recent renovations have made it an even more popular destination for sightseers and religious adherents.

  • Mosque: You can also view a mosque erected by Tipu Sultan immediately outside Bekal Fort.
  • The Observation Tower is located in the centre of the fort, and the only way to get there is by climbing a set of stairs. Its height is thirty feet, and its circumference is around eighty feet. The tower provides visitors with breathtaking panoramas of the rocky coastline of the Arabian Sea as well as the verdant scenery on the other side.
  • Underground passages The fort also has a number of underground tunnels that flow out to the surrounding area from a variety of different directions. Two of these underground passageways have not been destroyed yet.
  • Sea bastion: The sea bastion, which is located on the rocky extension of the fort, provides breathtaking views of the beach and the Arabian Sea.
  • Clear views of the setting sun can be had from the fort, which makes it a popular place to go to watch the sunset.

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The Way to Get to Bekal Fort

Bekal is well served by multiple modes of transportation, including the air, rail, and road, so you may select the one that best suits your needs to get there. Mangaluru International Airport is the closest airport to the fort and is located 71 kilometres away from it.

Bekal does have a train station, however, it doesn’t have very many connections. Therefore, the best option is to travel to either the Kanhagad railway station (which is located 9 kilometres away) or the Kasaragod railway station (which is located 18 kilometres away) and rent a taxi from either of those locations.

Since Bekal has decent road connectivity, you can drive your own vehicle, take a taxi, or take a bus to get to the fort from the towns and cities that are in the vicinity.

Facts About Bekal Fort That Are Less Commonly Known

The following are some intriguing facts about Bekal Fort that not many people are aware of:

Bekal Fort, on the other hand, is unique among India’s forts in that it does not have any remnants of houses, palaces, or any other buildings. This would imply that the fort’s primary purpose was defensive in nature.

The fort was constructed as a defence post to ward off dangers and assaults that could come from the ocean.

The magazine room of the fort is stocked with both armament and ammo. However, no members of the public are permitted inside.