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The standard of education is very low in our beloved country Pakistan and most of the people are uneducated or they have passed only 5th standard from a government school. The very low number of students have passed Matriculation or Intermediate exams and unfortunately, we have only 2 to 3 percent of graduates.

If we check the stats provided by the provincial government, it states that the literacy rate of Pakistan is something near about 61% which is no doubt much less then other countries where literacy rate is 90% and above.

But the sad part is that in this 61% of literate people the government has counted those who can read and write their name on a paper. Which is obviously not a standard way to calculate the literacy rate.

Moreover, millions of children in Pakistan are not going to school because they don’t afford to buy school uniform, books and can’t pay the fees as well and the worse thing is that even if a child wanted to go to school for studies his parents won’t allow him/her because he/she has to work in a workshop or at a shop or in an office as an office boy to earn some money so that he/she can help the parents.

Then there is another division in the country that our education system is not the same for all the schools. Most of the government school or Urdu medium till matriculation while Private or semi-government schools are English medium.

So when a child gets admission to a private school coming from a government school he/she feels difficulty because of the change of language.

There are so many other problems which we can discuss here but these are the few main problems which force us to start an institute where students can get proper education with no fees or other problems.

To raise the standard of education Mr. Nasir Abbas Safdar takes a step forward for the children of Mahmood Kot which is an underdeveloped area and people are very poor.

Mr. Nasir Abbas Safdar established Al-Madina Public School where all the children no matter if they can pay the fees or not will get the education equal to a high class Private school.

Al-Madina Public School is an English medium school where the standard of education is high with limited resources. This school was built in 2012 and from the last 5 years, a lot of students are getting high-quality education from 1st to 8th class. This is basically a primary school and soon it will be promoted to a higher secondary school.