Housing Options for Foreign Students in Istanbul, Turkey

Accommodation Options for International Students in Istanbul, Turkey

Throughout their time spent receiving an education in Turkey, international students have access to a number of different housing alternatives from which to choose.

Students have the option of living in university dormitories that are located on university campuses. Staying in-state dormitories that are managed by the Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution (KYK) are located at various points in the city is another option.

Whereas, staying in private dormitories, or renting apartments in the city is also suitable for international students in Istanbul, Turkey. Check this guide on how to get a Turkey visa for Antigua Barbuda citizens in case you are coming from Antigua Barbuda.

Dormitories Owned by the State or by universities

In Turkey, nearly all of the state dormitories and university dorms provide separate facilities for male and female students. Although the number of students who occupy each room varies from time to time, the price of a room will typically go up or down in direct proportion to the number of individuals who occupy it at any given time.

Every piece of furniture that a student would require is made available for use in the individual rooms as well as the communal areas. Students living in the dorms have access to both wired and wireless Internet connections at their disposal.

Some dorms have their very own cafeterias, in which meals like breakfast and dinner are often prepared and served. Students have access to a variety of communal spaces, including a television room, a study room, and a kitchen.

For the year 2020, the monthly costs for dorms that are managed by KYK range from 215 TL to 340 TL. The costs associated with living in a university dormitory will differ from one institution to the next as well as depending on the specifics of the room that will be provided.

By going to the website of the university, you will have access to the material that is both the most reliable and the most recent regarding this topic.

Private Dormitories

Around the grounds of most academic institutions, one can look for and locate private dorms. The private dormitories typically have better amenities than the state-run dorms (for example, more recent and diverse furniture), but the costs associated with staying in them are generally greater as well.

You may be asked for a Turkey visa for Armenian citizens in case you need to get a private dormitory as an Armenian citizen.

Taking a House on Rent

Renting a house is yet another alternative form of housing available to international students. Many students rent a house with a handful of their friends, particularly in communities that are located close to institutions.

In Turkey, which is continually increasing in terms of housing quality and number, you will have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to renting homes. It should come as no surprise that prices change from city to city, as well as depending on the attributes of the house and its location.

Nevertheless, you can be sure that you will be able to locate a property that is perfect for you in the city that you go to regardless of the size of your budget.

Apartments are the most common type of dwelling found in Turkey’s housing market. The living area in these apartments is quite spacious, and in addition, there are two to four extra bedrooms.

The vast majority of the homes feature a balcony. The kitchen is situated in a room that is entirely separate from the rest of the house. A central heating system or a combination boiler is used to heat each of the homes in the neighborhood.

In 2020, the average rental rate of a property that is 90 square meters might cost anywhere from 600 to 2,500 Turkish Lira, depending on which province you live in. This is determined by the average rental rates that are charged per square meter in each province.

Remember! Following the execution of a lease agreement with your landlord, a variety of tasks, including the acquisition of household goods and subscriptions, will be presented to you for completion.