Student Accommodations in Ankara

Housing For Students: Flats & Rooms for Rent in Ankara

The capital city of Turkey, Ankara, may be found in the heart of Anatolia, which is the country’s central area. It is a cosmopolitan city that is home to a plethora of historical, cultural, and entertainment destinations that may be explored by its guests.

You could be forgiven for assuming that Istanbul serves as the capital of Turkey, right? I have some breaking news for you: Istanbul is not the capital of Turkey! Although Istanbul is the most populous city in Turkey, Ankara is the nation’s administrative center and the second-largest city overall.

Students from Iraq need to apply for a student Turkey visa for Iraq citizens.

Because of its location in a part of Turkey that is part of the Asian continent, living in this city will expose you to a new culture and allow you to get fully immersed in it. You will have the opportunity to take pleasure in its one-of-a-kind way of life, including its people, its customs, and its delectable cuisine.

Are you seeking reasonably priced housing for students in Ankara? This city in Turkey is home to a significant number of educational institutions, which contributes to its status as a popular destination for students from all over the world.

We recommend that you do your research and book your accommodation well in advance because as the beginning of classes draws closer, options that have favorable characteristics, price points, and locations tend to sell out rapidly.

Student apartments in Ankara for rent

Are you looking for an affordable apartment in Ankara that is suitable for students? We warn you that this is typically a challenging endeavor because apartments that have a desirable combination of low rent and a convenient location tend to rent out very quickly.

Because of this, if the option of renting an entire apartment is the one that appeals to you the most, we recommend that you get started on your search as soon as you possibly can and that you keep an eye out for any newly constructed apartments that are put up for rent.

In addition, here at Erasmus Play, we want to make things as easy as possible for you by providing a housing comparator. Using this tool, you’ll be able to view the many confirmed apartments that are offered by a variety of online housing marketplaces and real estate agencies.

In most cases, the cost of a studio apartment will be significantly higher than the cost of an apartment with many rooms. In order to provide you with a point of comparison, the rent for a studio apartment can range anywhere from € 200 to € 300 per month, whilst the rent for an apartment that is shared with roommates is often € 400 per month.

A Turkey visa for South African citizens can be obtained for students by attaching the required documents.

Student room for rent in Ankara

This option is typically the one that attracts the greatest number of young people from around the world who have come to Ankara to participate in the Erasmus program. The majority of the rooms come fully furnished, with a bed, desk, wardrobe, and other essentials for a student.

However, bear in mind that each apartment is unique in the features that it provides. This means that in addition to checking out what the room has to offer, it is practical for you to pay attention to the specifics of the apartment itself.

As a point of comparison, the price of a room starts at about € 250 per month and can go as high as € 300 per month.