Importance of Product Reviews from Real Users for Online Shopping

As we know that the trend for shopping online is increasing day by day even in developing countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. But the big problem in online shopping is how can we trust the seller from where we are going to buy the product.

Whether it is advance payment or the seller is offering cash on delivery facility, we as a buyer are always on the risk because bad sellers can fraud and cheat us easily by sending the wrong product.

The best way to remain on the safe side is to always buy the product from trusted stores and sellers and never buy a product from an unknown social media page where there is no rating for the seller.

You can find the best sellers on Google business listing as well. Here you can check how to perfect your Google places business listing.

If you find a private website of a particular seller, don’t buy the product no matter if you are getting that at a low price unless you have the option to leave your feedback about the product in a transparent way.

If you are buying a product from a trusted online store, you will have an option to leave your feedback for the seller and the seller will not be able to change or edit your feedback score and comments on his product.

So from trusted stores, sellers will never cheat you as they are very well concerned about the feedback and comments they get on their products. Bad comments and negative feedback will damage their business and they will not be able to get more orders.

If you are a seller you can understand very well how important is to get feedback from real and verified users in order to make your online reputation.

If you have a good online reputation people will trust you and they will place their orders without any hesitation especially if you are offering good after-sale services and provided your return policy clearly.

To become a successful seller you should provide your customers an easy-to-use interface to leave their feedback and to share their experience doing business with you and you should also know more methods on how to get customers reviews.

If you have good feedback from real and verified customers it will help you a lot and buyers like me and many others will start showing their trust in your services and products. But if you don’t have any real feedback then people won’t trust you and they will hesitate to place an order on your product.

Like if I consider my self and I am getting one product for $10 from one store who is not providing any option to leave feedback whereas I am getting the same product for $15 from some other seller who has provided me an option to leave feedback, I will trust the second seller and I will buy that product in $15 because I can leave negative feedback if I don’t get the good product.

So as a seller you should be very much concerned about getting feedback from your real customers instead of just selling your products without getting feedback. If your customer doesn’t leave the product, you should contact them personally and ask them if they like the product or not?

If they are satisfied then you should request them to leave positive feedback for you as it will help your sales. If still, customers are not taking much interest in leaving feedback, you can offer them some discount on their next order if and only if they leave the feedback on the previous sale.

In this way, there are more chances that they will take some time to leave good feedback for your product. So it is very important for all the online sellers to provide an option to their buyers to leave their feedback and experience on their products in order to boost their sales.

Here you can read more about the importance of getting feedback from real and verified users who can also give their contact details if other potential customers want to contact them in order to know their personal thoughts on your products and services.

Even if you are going to hire the services of a freelancer, or you want to buy a domain from the re-seller account or you are going to buy some clothes or other products for you, you should be very careful about the feedback of the seller in order to avoid any risk.