Guide for an Indian e-Medical Visa for International Medical Tourists

Medical tourism in India is on the rise due to the country’s competent workforce and reduced cost of acute health care. An Indian e-Medical Visa is a new form of visa that the government of India has established to cater to the medical tourism business.

A significant portion of this segment’s visitors are now hailing from outside the United States, Europe, and Australia. Here are the 5 best cancer hospitals in India that also deal with international medical patients.

What are the Prerequisites for an Indian Medical Visa?

Medical Tourism to India is encouraged by the Indian government, which maintains a liberal stance toward foreigners. Visitors who are coming to India primarily for medical treatment can apply for a Medical Visa for themselves, or a Medical attendant visa could be submitted if they are intended to assist or nurse someone else.

How Long is the Indian e-Medical Visa valid for?

The Indian government automatically grants this visa validity of 60 days. As a result, India’s new visa policy allows for a 180-day extension of the paper-based medical visa.

Please keep in mind that you do not require a Medical Visa if you entered India on an Indian Tourist Visa or an Indian Business Visa and required medical help while in India that was not expected in advance.

A medical visa is not required for a simple doctor’s visit to address a medical issue. However, a Medical Visa is required for treatment.

Medical Procedures Permitted on Indian e-Medical Visa?

On the Indian Medical Visa, there is no restriction on the medical procedures or treatments that can be performed.

For the sake of completeness, the following is a short list of therapies:

  • Doctor’s Appointment
  • Hair and Skin Care
  • Medical care in the field of orthopedics
  • Treatment for cancer in the medical field
  • Anatomical surgery
  • Treatment of the heart
  • Treatment of diabetes
  • The ailment of the mind
  • Therapeutic analysis
  • Replacement of the joints
  • Surgery to Revive the Appearance of Missing
  • An ayurvedic approach
  • Radiation therapy
  • Neurosurgery

Indian e-Medical Visa, What is the Process?

An Indian Medical Visa can be obtained by filling out an Indian visa application online, paying a fee, and submitting any required documentation, such as a letter from a hospital or clinic, as needed by the visa office.

An accepted Visa will be given to you through email within 72 hours of your application being submitted.

Can I Use an Indian e-Medical Visa for Tourism in India?

No, you need a different visa for each purpose you intend to use in India. Medical treatment is not permitted while on a tourist visa and tourism is not permitted while on an Indian medical visa.

Validity of Indian e-Medical Visa

The electronic Indian Medical Visa has a default 60-day validity period.

Obtaining an Indian Medical Visa Requirements

An Indian Medical Visa can be applied for online by nationals of eVisa India-eligible countries. A letter from the Indian hospital where you intend to receive treatment is required.

You may also be required to show proof that you have enough money set aside to cover the cost of your Indian medical treatment. After your medical treatment is over, you will not be needed to show proof of hotel accommodations or a return flight ticket to your country of residence. The Help Desk or this website can be used to submit these papers.

One of the benefits of the Indian Medical Visa is that, unlike the 30-day Tourist Visa, which only allows for two entrances into India, the 60-day validity of this Visa allows for three admissions. A Medical Attendant Visa is required for each of the two people who will be accompanying you on this Visa.

Time for Getting Indian Medical Visa

The Indian visa online application can take anywhere from three to five minutes to complete. To apply, you must have a credit/debit card or a PayPal account. Approved Indian Medical Visas are usually sent through email within 72 hours after approval.

In order to obtain a Medical Visa for India, it is recommended that you apply online rather than visiting an Indian Embassy or High Commission.