Medical Tourism India

5 Good Reasons Why Indian Medical Tourism is on a Boom

The practice of traveling outside of your own nation to receive medical care is referred to as medical tourism. The term “tourism” is used to describe the practice of people staying in a foreign nation after receiving medical treatment to go sightseeing, go on day trips, and engage in other activities.

India is the top country for medical tourism, as per the 2015 report of the Medical Tourism Market. The nation provides a full range of healthcare services at a reasonable cost, which is the reason.

It’s no surprise that patients from over the world travel to India for medical care given the country’s top-notch hospital infrastructure, highly qualified physicians, affordable care, and individualized care.

The next section will go into detail about some of the key elements that contribute to India’s popularity as a destination for medical tourism:

Exceptional Medical Care

India has more than 500 recognized healthcare providers and uses advanced medical technologies on par with the developed countries (JCI & NABH). Additionally, doctors from India are renowned for their quality throughout the world.

According to studies, more than 10% of doctors in the US and UK are of Indian descent. Additionally, the majority of Indian healthcare facilities employ highly qualified medical professionals with years of expertise who are proficient in the most recent treatment techniques.

Consequently, you may rest assured that your care in India will be excellent. Here you can check the top private medical colleges in India.

Affordable Treatment

Because medical services in India are so inexpensive, many foreigners visit the nation each year for medical care. The quality of medical care here is still quite high despite the low costs.

Traveling to India can result in medical cost savings of up to 50%, after taking into account the cost of airfare and lodging. It’s also important to remember how inexpensive living is in India.

Therefore, even if you have to stay in India for therapy for a long time, it won’t hurt you too much.

Wait times that don’t exist

In contrast to western nations where patients must wait weeks or even months for life-saving procedures, there is no wait time for medical treatments and surgeries in India. In the case of elective surgeries, this may even take years.  To have their operations completed swiftly is why individuals prefer to come to India.

Additionally, doing so helps prevent future health problems. Patients from all over the world who urgently require medical care but may not be in a position to wait for very long can benefit from this welcome change of scenery offered by India.

Travel is simple

The Indian government has streamlined the requirements for an Indian medical visa in order to guarantee hassle-free visa applications for patients and their companions.

To make the process even simpler, the government recently introduced the e-Medical visa and Indian Medical Attendant visa in addition to enabling multiple entries and extended stays. Presently, 166 nations can send medical travelers to India via five recognized seaports and 26 designated airports.

Additionally, visitors can conveniently enter the nation up to three times with an e-Medical visa. Additionally, there is a clause that permits each sufferer to invite two adult companions.

Communication’s Ease

The second-largest English-speaking population in the world is found in India. The nation also boasts a substantial population of interpreters and translators who are fluent in a variety of languages, including Arabic, Uzbek, French, and Russian.

These translators are knowledgeable with medical terminology and treatment techniques since they have had medical treatment themselves, which makes the process of receiving medical care easier for the patients and their companions.

Final Words

As you can see, India has developed into a major center for medical tourism for a variety of factors. Lower treatment costs do not necessarily translate into lower-quality care, at least not in India.

Each hospital has a number of top medical practices, and at least one of them will undoubtedly specialize in providing the care you require. You should give India significant consideration if you’re considering receiving medical care abroad.