Some Famous Traditional Indian Street Foods

Even if you can’t eat everything on the Indian street food menu, you can select and choose the best of the best, and to assist you in this endeavor, we’ve put up this blog just for you.

We’ve chosen the most well-known and favored foods from across the country and included them in the following post with great care. There is no need for confusion as to what you should or should not try.

The list ensures that the individual referring to this list has access to a wide variety of foods and flavors, from spicy foods to sweet and savory jalebis! We were able to satisfy all of the tester’s preferences.

The food products listed below may or may not be available to you. It’s time to eat! But before that, you have to get your Indian visa for Belgian citizens so that you can enjoy these Indian street foods.


In my opinion, it’s the best street food out there. There are several other types of rolls to choose from in North India, but the most common is the veg roll, which is a paratha filled with cucumber, onion, and a slew of spices and sauces.

It’s not uncommon to see mashed potatoes and shredded cottage cheese mixed in. A chicken roll and an egg roll with essentially the same filling, but with shredded chicken and scrambled eggs, respectively, are also available.

The seller often adds shredded cheese and butter to the stuffing of the street food to make it even more delectable. This food item is a must-have for every diet plan.

Pav Bhaji

If you believe us, the Pav Bhaji is the king of all street dishes. If you’ve ever had mashed potatoes, this is the one to have. The usual dough is used to make ‘pav,’ which is a type of bread.

“Bhaji” means “curry” in Hindi, and the dish is made by mixing boiling potatoes with a variety of seasonings and then cooking them in butter. Street cuisine is widely popular in India, is light on the stomach, and is one of the most affordable options.

Pav Bhaji vendors line the streets of the major cities in North India. City residents eat this for breakfast more often than not. Because the dish is so simple, many people opt to make it at home instead of going out to eat.

The greatest Pav Bhaji in India can be found in Delhi, so make your way there right now. The Pav Bhajis in the city are some of the best you’ll ever taste in India.


If you’re a sweet tooth and can’t resist the appeal of anything sweet and mouth-watering, then this is the treat for you. Even though it’s considered a sweet dish in India, some people choose to eat it as a dessert after a meal rather than before.

When cooking this delicious dish, the batter is typically wrapped in a cloth and then dipped into the hot oil through a small hole, which results in a spiral design.

It’s fun to see, and the food looks like it came straight out of heaven. When you first try jalebi, it is preferable to eat it while it is still hot, since after you do, you won’t be able to stop at just one.

People can easily locate jalebi vendors, and the dish is not very expensive. People of any age and those who have a low tolerance for hot or sour cuisine should surely experience this delicious wonder on the street.

Litti Chokha

Litti Chokha, a popular takeaway dish from the streets of Bihar and Jharkhand, is a variation on this popular street food staple. To make the Litti, a standard dough is used, while the chokha is made from mashed potatoes mixed with various spices.

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The Litti is baked, but the Chokha is fried with a small amount of oil before being finished off in the oven. Because Litti Chokha is so popular in Bihar, it’s definitely worth trying for breakfast if you’re ever in the region.

Akki Roti

It’s hard to go to South India without encountering akki roti, a well-known street snack. Many South Indians eat this meal for breakfast every day. Roti, or ‘Akki,’ is what the word roti refers to.

Rice flour and various veggies are mixed to make roti (as per your choice). The cook can be given specific instructions on what ingredients to include or omit from the batter. Akki Roti is served with either coconut chutney or a special chatni created by the cook once it has been cooked.

Akki roti can only be found in the South Indian region; if you’re ever in the area, make sure to try it because it’s both good for your health and delicious.