Inspection of School Building

Things to Consider in the Inspection of School Building

Just like any other building, the inspection of the school building is also important. In fact, inspection for the school building is more critical as a lot of students, teachers and staff is there and for their security, the school building must be in good condition.

For every school, the government makes sure that the building in use must be in good condition. To make sure, building inspectors are sent to the schools from the local government to inspect the building.

If the building is not secure, then the government has no other option except to cancel the license of that school. So, for every private school, it is important to have its own buildings inspection team as well. If they don’t have their own, they can hire a private company as well for the school building inspection.

Here are a few things that must be checked in the school area:

Building Structure

Obviously, this is the main thing to check. The old rented buildings might have structural defects and might not be suitable for the school. Some buildings can get repaired.

The building inspector should pay special attention to the warping in beams, columns, roofs, floors, and structural walls. Then they should also check the wooden components in the structure for rotting.

Then there are metal components as well in the building structure and these components must be checked for rating. If a problem founds at any component, it should be either replaced or repaired as soon as possible.

Electric Circuit and Wiring

In schools, the wiring should be great because a lot of electoral appliances and equipment are installed. Cooling and heating systems are working, computer labs, multimedia rooms, classes, staff rooms, meeting rooms, and many other rooms are using the electricity at the same time.

Bad wiring can cause heat and can get a fire that can be dangerous for the life of the kids and for the rest of the staff as well. So, during the school building inspection, it is important to check the electrical circuits, switches, and complete wiring as well.

Plumbing System

A lot of students require water for drinking purposes and also in the washroom. So, the plumbing system of the school should be perfect. If there are plumbing leaks in the school, the building might be at risk. Water coming out from the plumbing leaks will increase the moisture in the building and can defect the electrical wiring.

Maintenance of water tanks in the school is also crucial as kids should only have purified and freshwater. If the water tanks are not cleaned and not properly maintained, kids can have different diseases by drinking infected water.


Grounds are an important part of any school building as kids play there. The grounds of the school should be grassy and should not have any obstacles. The walkways should also be in good condition and should not be slippery. The material used for the walkways in the ground should be repaired if there is any problem.

The level of the ground should be adjusted so that the water during the heavy rain doesn’t flow towards the school building. A proper drainage system should be there in working condition for the school grounds.


Inspection of the furniture in classrooms, staff rooms, and offices is also part of the school building inspection. If the wooden furniture has rotted in the wood then it must be repaired.

Metal furniture must be inspected for rusting and should be repaired if required.