Lacrosse Canada

What is Lacrosse Sport and What are the Rules

Lacrosse is a team sport that originated in Native American communities in the eastern United States and Canada. It was played by tribes as a way to train young men for battle and was often played to resolve conflicts between tribes.

The game was also played for recreation and as a spiritual ceremony. The first recorded lacrosse game played by Europeans was in the early 17th century, when French Jesuit missionaries in present-day Canada witnessed the game being played by the Mohawk tribe.

The sport was later introduced to the United States in the late 1800s, and the first collegiate lacrosse game was played in 1877 between New York University and Manhattan College.

Today, lacrosse is played at the high school, college, and professional levels, and it is recognized as a sport by the International Olympic Committee. Other popular sports in Canada are Ice Hockey, Football, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, and Curling. Baseball is considered as the national sport of America.

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Rules to Play Lacrosse

Here are the basic rules of lacrosse:

  1. Each team has 10 players on the field, including a goaltender, three defensemen, three midfielders, and three attackmen.
  2. The object of the game is to score more goals than the opposing team. A goal is scored when the ball is shot into the opponent’s goal.
  3. The ball is moved down the field by passing it from player to player or by running with the ball while cradling it in the stick. Players may only use the head of the stick to touch the ball, and they may not kick the ball or hit it with any part of their body.
  4. Players may not make physical contact with opponents, and they may not interfere with an opponent’s ability to catch or throw the ball.
  5. The team with possession of the ball has a limited amount of time to make a shot on goal. If they do not shoot within the allotted time, possession is turned over to the other team.
  6. The game is divided into four quarters, and the team that scores the most goals in the four quarters is the winner. If the score is tied at the end of regulation time, the game may go into overtime.
  7. Penalties may be called for violations of the rules, and the opposing team is awarded possession of the ball and a free shot on goal.

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Lacrosse is Canada’s National Sport for Summer

Lacrosse is the national sport of Canada and it is an important part of Canadian culture and history. The sport has a long history in Canada, with the first recorded lacrosse game played by Europeans being witnessed by French Jesuit missionaries in present-day Canada in the early 17th century.

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The sport was later adopted by other European settlers in Canada, and it has been played in the country ever since. Lacrosse is especially popular in the eastern part of Canada, and it is played at the amateur and professional levels.

The Canadian Lacrosse Association (CLA) is the governing body for the sport in Canada, and it is responsible for promoting and developing the game at all levels. The CLA also organizes national championships and oversees the Canadian national lacrosse team.