4 Effective Ways To Market Your Local Business Online

When it comes to internet marketing, even expert marketers sometimes overlook local SEO. Doing SEO and marketing any business online is not a difficult task. This is the reason many people started feeling that SEO can provide high rankings but it can’t provide leads and customers.

This is because SEO experts provide the ranking with general keywords and they don’t try the local SEO which is the only way to increase sales. With little effort, even the newbies can perform well in SEO as a freelancer, even the business owners can get top page rankings with simple SEO tips and tricks.

But local SEO needs more technical knowledge and one needs to be creative and intelligent enough to not only get the top page rankings but also to convert visitors into customers. Therefore, it is good to hire some professionals like Maryland SEO Company to get listed at the top of the SERP of major search engines.

Here are four effective ways that can be used to market your local business online.

List Your Business on Google Maps and Google+ Page

After indexing your website into Google and setting up the Google analytics and webmasters account, the first thing you should do is to list your business details including your website URL into Google maps and create a Google business listing page.

Obviously, Google will give more importance to its own tools which are specially designed for improving the SEO of a website.

So, how can you miss the usage of Google’s own tools? Google Maps is a great tool to show up on the first page of Google as it has very low competition.

Listing your business on the Google Plus page is also important as you have a great chance that your business details could be visible to your local potential customers on the right side of the first page of the Google result page.

Get Listed on Local Directories

Local directories are just like the telephone directory which is used to find the phone numbers of your different people in a particular city. So, if you can get access to local directories, it is good to get your business, along with the website, listed on the top local directories.

Sometimes, your office phone number is also required to verify your ownership of the business. So, it is recommended to either do it yourself or be in contact with the SEO company you have hired.

Use Local Social Pages and Hashtags

Social media is the fastest and easiest way to reach more and more people. The best thing about social media is that you can easily find the social groups and pages which are targeting your city or your business.

So, if you know how to use social media, you should join different groups and make some connections on social media accounts. You should introduce your business yourself, as you are the one who can describe your business and services to your local audience in the best way.

Using hashtags that focus on your local trends is also recommended. Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and Pinterest are some good social media platforms that can be used to market your local business online.

Use Local Search Terms To Create Backlinks

Leave this task to some expert, or the SEO company that you hired for your local SEO campaign. This is very important and it requires more technical knowledge to search for the local keywords that can provide good traffic to your website.

The company will also be the best in creating the backlinks in the relevant forums, blogs, guest posting, and other platforms from where your site can get the link juice.


The above four are proven methods for getting the online presence for your local business. If all the steps are taken with perfection, you would get the desired results quickly, and then most of the traffic you get on your website will be converted into your loyal customers.