Places to visit in Ontario Canada

5 Must-Visit Places For First Time Tourists in Ontario Province

Lake Ontario, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, and Lake Superior are the names of the four Great Lakes that can be found in the province of Ontario. It is the location of one of the largest waterfalls in the world, Niagara Falls, as well as a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve that is located along the Niagara Escarpment.

There are three countries that are smaller than Ontario: Ukraine, France, and Spain. three of the most populous countries in all of Europe! It is the home to both the nation’s capital, Ottawa, as well as Canada’s most populous and dynamic metropolis, Toronto.

When visiting Canada, these are the best places to go in the province of Ontario to see what the country has to offer. Here is how to apply for a Canada visa for French citizens.

Niagara Falls

This is the most popular place for those who are traveling to Ontario for the first time, despite the fact that it could appear to be an obvious choice. Having been to Victoria Falls, Iguazu Falls, Gulfoss Falls, and a number of other notable waterfalls throughout the world, I can confidently say that Niagara Falls is on par with the best of them.

The fact that a city was established in the vicinity of Niagara Falls is what gives it its unique character. Because there are so many amazing things to see and do in Niagara, you could easily fill up an entire week experiencing all the region has to offer in terms of its landscapes and activities.

The Big Nickel in Sudbury

In Canada, tourists frequently stop at roadside sights. You’ll see the Big Apple in Colborne, the Big Paddle in British Columbia, and the Canada Goose in Wawa as you head east on Route 401 toward Montreal or Ottawa.

Nevertheless, the Big Nickel in Sudbury is my preferred establishment. The Big Nickel, which pays homage to the region’s mining industry and can be located in the Dynamic Earth Science Museum, was built in 1964 and is a lot of fun. You can find the museum here.

Cheltenham Badlands

When Dave and I were younger, we were out cycling in Caledon, which is outside of Toronto, when we came across this peculiar behavior. Because there was no one else nearby at the time, we were oblivious to the fact that it even existed.

Present-day photographers have a strong affinity for using it. It is a piece of land that has a similar appearance to the Badlands in South Dakota or Alberta. The actions of exposing this red block of shale and creating a scene resembling the moon were extremely detrimental to the ecosystem.

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The Diefenbunker is without a doubt regarded as one of the most peculiar museums in all of Ontario. During the time of the Cold War, this underground museum was built in order to provide a safe haven for high government officials of Canada in the event of a nuclear attack.

It was built to withstand a nuclear strike and was deliberately located outside of Ottawa to maximize its protection. It’s almost like traveling back in time when you see the outdated computer rooms, creepy living quarters, and even parts of the hospital that are still in use.

After taking a tour of the Deifenbunker, you are aware that you would rather not have to reside here in the event that it is necessary to do so because of an attack. I would gamble in the open air.

Niagara on the Lake

During your time in Niagara Falls, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to continue your journey into Ontario and visit the Niagara on the Lake wine region. Beautiful weekend getaways can be found in its historic downtown area just outside of Toronto.