Ottawa Places to Visit

What are The Top Places to Visit in Ottawa City of Ontario Province?

Ottawa, like any good capital city, is a great place to learn about and experience a country’s rich heritage, but it’s also home to some of the best nightlife, shopping, and outdoor activities in the world.

Ottawa is located in the Ontario province which has a lot of places to visit as well. But here in this article, we will discuss only a few of the top places to visit in Ottawa city.

Parliament Hill

It’s no secret that Canada’s Parliament Hill is more than simply the location of the country’s governing institutions; it’s also a cultural & community center. For instance, Parliament Hill is a great place to practice yoga.

Hundreds of people show out every Wednesday during the summer with yoga mats and leggings to stretch out in front of the famous buildings. For 30 minutes, visitors can watch a stunning light and sound spectacle projected onto the Parliament Buildings.

There are also the more conventional things to do, like watching the changing of the guard or going to see the Canadian Parliament buildings, which are currently housed in the historic Ottawa train station just off the Hill.

Rideau Canal

The Rideau Canal is famously known as the largest natural skating rink in the world (at 7.8 kilometers long). However, the Canal features outdoor events all through the seasons. Skating down the river on ice in the winter is a great way to see downtown Ottawa.

When the ice melts and the temperature rises above freezing, however, those same waterways can be enjoyed while cruising in a comfortable boat or while paddling a voyageur canoe.

Additionally, the canal can be explored on foot, run, or bike. If you find yourself in Ottawa, stop at the Rideau Canal. Get your online Canada visa so that you can enjoy your time in Ottawa.

National Gallery of Canada

There is a 10m spider statue in front of the National Gallery of Canada, which tends to attract a lot of visitors. If you can get past your fear of spiders, you’ll find a world-class art museum on the other side.

Almost 40,000 pieces ranging from ancient Egyptian sculpture to cutting-edge digital art. That’s why the National Gallery of Canada is a great place to visit whether you’re just curious and don’t know anything about art or you have a Ph.D. in art history on the wall.

The ByWard Market Area

Nearly two centuries ago, farmers and artisans began gathering at the ByWard Market to sell the products of their labor. Once just a place to buy food, this market is now a popular destination for those looking to dine, shop, and have a good time.

The market has over 175 stalls, while the surrounding area is home to over 600 establishments. Every time you go, you might find a new favorite restaurant for brunch, a unique shop with plenty of gift ideas, or a venue hosting a show by a promising local band.

The ByWard Market Neighborhood is close to Parliament Hill and bustles with activity day and night. You should definitely pay a visit.

Canadian Museum of History

The Canadian Museum of History is located in Gatineau, Quebec, which is technically not part of Ottawa, but it is easily accessible by foot in under ten minutes. Since its opening in 1856, it has become one of Canada’s most popular attractions, drawing in over 1.2 million people per year.

If that’s the case, then why do so many people visit? Starting around 20,000 B.C.E., the museum’s three million artifacts detail Canadian and global history. Learn about the Pacific First Nations of Canada and their contributions to Canadian history and culture in the Grand Hall, a stunning space with views of the Ottawa River along with Parliament Hill.

Witness towering totem poles and traditional Native American homes, then go on to the First Peoples Hall for an in-depth exploration of the Indigenous history of Canada. Visit the CINÉ+ theatre for a film and check out the rotating exhibits.

Culinary Experiences

There are over 1300 farms within Ottawa’s municipal borders, and many of the city’s chefs make use of the fresh, locally grown produce and meats that these farms provide. The end result? Drool-worthy new dishes that combine originality and flavor in surprising ways.

Taste your way through the top restaurants in the multiethnic capital, embark on a gourmet tour to learn about the city’s history while sampling tasty treats, or visit some of the numerous local breweries.

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Canadian Museum of Nature

Indigenous peoples such as the Huron, Algonquin, Cree, and Ojibwe had lived in the area now known as Ottawa for thousands of years before the French explorer Samuel de Champlain ever set foot in the area.

The city of Ottawa is filled with exhibits, memorials, and celebrations dedicated to their lives. Discover some of the various opportunities to reconnect with Ottawa and Canada’s distinct indigenous past, from walking tours to traditional pow-wows.