Indian visa Photograph Requirements

What are the Basic Requirements for Indian eVisa Photograph

In the visa application documents requirement, a visa photograph is a must. Without the photo, you can’t apply for the Indian eVisa. Whether you are applying for an Indian business visa, Indian transit visa, or applying for Indian medical attendant visa, you need to attach a photograph.

For an Indian visa, the photo of the applicant needs to be in the format of a passport. For most people, it is clear what a passport photo is, but here we are going to provide more details for those who don’t know about passport size photographs.

The visitor must be able to be recognized in the photograph by their full face, including all of their features, their hair, and any marks on their skin that are evident in the photograph. The photograph must be in sharp focus and not be fuzzy.

It is sufficient for the guest to ensure that their turban, head scarf, Hijab, burqua, or any other kind of head covering does not hide their face, chin, or hairline if they are dressing in accordance with their religious beliefs and donning a head covering.

The photo of the tourist ought to be clear enough for the immigration officer at the border to identify them without any difficulty.

In terms of height and width, the photo must be at least 350 pixels wide and 350 pixels tall. This is the bare minimum size needed for it. In addition, the visitor’s face should take up between half and two-thirds of the picture and should be centered within the frame.

Ears, necks, and shoulders should also be exposed, with the exception of cases in which people want to cover their heads for religious reasons.

The standard file size for a passport photo submitted for an India Visa is 1 Megabyte, abbreviated as 1 Mb. This implies that the photo of your face that you upload to your application for an Indian Visa cannot be larger than 1 Mb.

You can use the Visa application on your personal computer or personal computer (PC) to check whether or not the size of your photo satisfies the requirements for the India Visa passport photo size by right-clicking on the picture, clicking on Properties, and then checking the Size option under the General tab in the window that opens up.

In the shot, you should not wear any accessories, including hats or sunshades of any kind. You are welcome to wear your eyeglasses or spectacles in the photo that you post; however, it is recommended that you also upload a photo of yourself without them, as this will ensure that there is no reflection on your eyes and that the flash will not obscure your eyes.

In that case, you can be asked to re-upload the photo, and there is a chance that the Immigration Officers might decide to reject your application altogether.

In the event that you do choose to put on your eyeglasses or spectacles, you will need to ensure that there is no glare or reflection on them, as your eyes should be able to be seen plainly in the picture.

The photo of the face should be captured using the Portrait mode rather than the Landscape mode, the lighting in the photo should be even and there should not be any dark shadows, the color of the photograph should be normal without any colored tones, and you shouldn’t use any editing software on the photo. These are some of the guidelines that should be followed.

The background in the picture should be uncomplicated and unadorned, and the clothes that you wear in the picture should likewise be uncomplicated, without any intricate patterns or vivid hues.

Moreover, there should be no one else visible in the backdrop of the photograph. If there is any other person or object, the visa will get rejected on the basis of the photograph.

Your eyes should be entirely open in the shot, not even half-closed, and your lips should be closed. The view of your face should be the frontal view, not the side view or the profile view, and it should be the frontal view.

Make sure that your hair is tucked behind your ears and that all of the characteristics of your face can be seen properly. You need to use either JPG, PNG, or PDF format when uploading the soft copy of this photograph of your face.