Student Guide To Avoid Router Rental Charges To Minimize Monthly Bill

In this age of technology, you can’t live without the use of the internet. Whether you are a student or a businessman, you need the internet for your assignments and market trends searching.

When you apply for internet service you get the required hardware and support within a few days by the Internet providing companies and they offer you very quick services. But the bad thing is they don’t give you awareness about the charges of the service they provide.


Especially the hidden charges which eat up your monthly budget. Router rental charges play a vital role in this and no internet providing company inform you clearly about these charges.

They will inform you about the monthly charges for different packages but how much money they are getting from your pocket on the name of router rent is unknown.

To avoid these router rental charges, the best way is to buy your own router from the market which you can easily in the range of 20$ to 60$ price depending on the features and the quality of the router.

Once you buy the router you can configure your router easily with accessing the router’s admin panel using IP in your web browser. You just need to ask your username and password from the internet service provider and after that, you can use that information to configure your newly purchased router.

You can check your monthly bills in detail to find how much money you are paying on the name of monthly router rental charges. In the start, you have to spend a large amount as compared to the monthly rental charges of your ISP company but you will notice that just after 5 to 6 months you will start saving a good amount which you have to pay to your internet service provider.

These rental charges have to be paid as long as you are using the router of the internet service provider. Whether you use their service for a few months or you use it for 5 years, you have to pay the monthly router rental charges.

The price of the new router will be covered in 5 to 6 months and after that, you are saving money. So when you apply for the new internet connection, tell your company that you don’t need their router as you have your own router.

Also, ask them don’t put any charges on the name of router rental charges on the monthly bills as you are not interested in getting a router from them.

If you already using their router and bought your own router now, then return the old router to the company with complete accessories and get a receipt for that and also make it sure that they have made the necessary changes in their record.

When you return their router, you will not receive any extra charges other than your package price in the bill. So this the best way to save money and avoid monthly router rental charges.