The Finest Student Housing and Accommodation Choices Available in New Zealand

When it comes to locating a spot to call home while you pursue your education, you primarily have four alternatives to choose from.

You have the choice of living in a hostel or halls of residence, private boarding, homestay with a host family, or finding independent housing, depending on what your requirements are and how much money you have available.

Access to public transportation, distance to your campus, and the proximity of any other amenities or facilities that you might want to be close to should be taken into consideration when searching for the ideal location for you.

It is important to keep your budget in mind, as well as any additional costs you may need to cover, such as a rental bond, meal or utility fees. Check housing options in Istanbul for foreign students.

You won’t have to go very far if you choose to stay in one of the halls of residence (or hostels), and your room may come fully furnished, as well as include all of your meals. This makes it a practical alternative for students who are attending a college or university.

Private boarding allows you to have your own room, which may be located in a personal home or in a boarding house along with other boarders. This type of boarding is ideal for those who need something just a little bit more secluded.

The homestay option gives you the chance to live in the house of a New Zealand family, and it includes a furnished room & assistance from the family to help you adjust to daily life in New Zealand.

Lastly, independent housing gives you the opportunity to live with other roommates and split the cost of the rent as well as any other shared expenses, such as utilities.

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Accommodation on Campus

Students from other countries who are attending university for the first time in New Zealand often choose to live in the more conventional dorms that are located on university campuses.

The typical range for these costs is between New Zealand One Hundred Dollars and New Zealand Seven Hundred Dollars per week. Students who are interested in living on campus should submit their housing applications as early as possible.

If you live on campus, you’ll be in close proximity to all of the resources you require. In certain cases, the price of the package includes not only the accommodations themselves but also meals, computer facilities, laundry, and cleaning services.

In addition, in the event that you require any other kind of assistance, the community that your housing is a part of at the university is there to help you.


Students from other countries who are enrolled in short-term programs often choose to participate in homestay programs since these programs provide them with the opportunity to live with a local New Zealand family.

There is the option of a private room or a shared room at homestays, and the weekly rate for each type of room ranges from NZ$110 to NZ$370. This cost often covers the provision of three meals every day, as well as cleaning services, laundry facilities, and other utilities such as internet and phone service.

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Private Accommodation

Living in a property that is rented out privately can be very appealing, particularly for students who are moving to a new nation. It gives you the freedom to choose who you want to live with and where you want to do so.

Students who are interested in this form of housing have the option of either moving into fully-furnished residences on a room-by-room basis or applying to lease the entire house with people that they already know.