Study MBBS in Turkey

Why Pakistani Students Choose to Study MBBS in Turkey

The duration of a full MBBS degree in Turkey is a full six years. If you wish to get your MBBS from Turkey, you won’t have any trouble with the language barrier. It is because medical school is taught in both English and Turkish there.

The cost of tuition is reasonable in Turkish medical universities, and living expenses are not prohibitively expensive either. However, students are not allowed to do part-time jobs there unless they have a work visa.

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The processing time for a student visa in Turkey is only three to four weeks. Although it is not always the case, the beginning of the academic year for most students occurs in September.

Graduates of MBBS programs in Turkey have access to more than 1,500 hospitals at which they can begin their medical careers. Turkey is home to almost 200 different types of universities, many of which are schools of medicine.

These universities provide education of the highest quality, and more than ten Turkish universities are mentioned in the finest World University Rankings. Students from Bahrain study there after getting a Turkey visa for Bahrain citizens.

Additionally, Turkey’s education system has been placed 40th in the overall world rankings for education systems. The vast majority of people in Turkey adhere to Islam, making it a predominantly Muslim nation.

Students from Pakistan would not only have unrestricted access to halal cuisine but also be permitted to practice their religious rites in an enjoyable manner.

Education of the Highest Standard in Turkey

Turkey is home to almost 200 different types of universities, many of which are schools of medicine. These educational institutions are among the very best in the country.

It has been regarded as having the 43rd best education system in the entire world, and there are over ten Turkish universities that are included in the QS World University Rankings.

A Multicultural Environment

There is no question that Turkey is a melting pot of different civilizations. As a result of the fact that this country is home to a great number of ancient civilizations and welcomes students from all walks of life and racial backgrounds.

You will have the opportunity to gain knowledge of and experience a variety of cultures even as you pursue your education in an atmosphere that is both secure and relaxed.

Reasonable MBBS Study Cost

In contrast to many other nations in Europe, the cost of living in Turkey, as well as the cost of higher education, is relatively low. The overall cost of your MBBS education in Turkey may be close to 2 million Pakistani Rupees, which is a sum that is not prohibitively expensive.

A Simple and Easy Method of Instruction

The fact that MBBS degrees may be earned at Turkish universities in English also makes things much simpler for students from other countries.

Despite this, it is not too late for you to learn Turkish, particularly if you need to communicate with Turkish people because they do not speak English very well.

MBBS Scholarships in Turkey For International Students

The Turkish state provides a significant number of scholarships to students from other countries. It has been stated that around 5000 scholarships are made available to students from over 160 different nations.

All undergraduate, graduate, and MBBS degree programs are eligible to apply for the available scholarships. Mexican students can also get MBBS scholarships in Turkey and they can get a Turkey visa for Mexican citizens to study there.

Citizens Who Are Friendly

The people of Turkey are known for their friendliness and generosity. Students receive the most sincere and generous assistance possible from members of the community. People all across the world recognize the Turkish people for their warm hospitality.

Turkey is a Muslim Country

Turkey is a predominantly Muslim nation. Students from Pakistan would not only have unrestricted access to halal food but also be allowed to perform their religious rites without feeling threatened or under any kind of coercion.

Cost of MBBS in Turkey

A MBBS degree from one of Turkey’s medical universities is available at a very reasonable cost. The total anticipated cost of education and fees is 105,000 Turkish Lira per year (1.3 million Pakistani Rupees), and the cost of living is 3272 Turkish Lira per month (40,000 PKR)