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5 Things You Must Know Before You Buy A Second Hand Laptop

This is 2017 where most of the people want to keep doing their work even when they are on the go or out of the town. For basic work like checking emails and connecting with peoples on messengers can be done using your smartphone but most of the office work can’t be done on smartphone or tablets. So you must need a laptop that is easy to carry with you no matter where ever you go. If you are going to buy a laptop and you have a good budget then no doubt you will buy the latest laptop that is pin packed. But if you are short of budget then buying the new laptop will not be a good option as in this case you will have to compromise on the specifications on the laptop. Laptop cu, mean buying a used or second-hand laptop would be the wise decision to get the best laptop in your limited budget.


These are the important 5 things you must know before you buy a used laptop.

  • Know What You Need: When you are going to buy a laptop (new or used) you must know what is your need, what kind of work you have to do on that. You should ask the shopkeeper or search on Google about how much RAM and what is the suitable CPU for your work. For basic office work along with some creative software use, 4GB RAM and 2GHz CPU would be a good option.
  • Check The Battery: You should check the battery timing of the laptop that you are going to buy. New laptops have battery timing up to 3 hours, used laptops must have at least one and half hour battery life. You can check that by using the laptop only for 1o minutes, not more than 5% battery should be used in that time.
  • Ask For The Drivers: Ask the shopkeeper or the person who is selling the second-hand laptop, for the drivers of the laptop. You should expect to get a Driver’s DVD or drivers on the hard drive of the laptop.
  • Buy A Good Brand: You should check the brand carefully. It should be a reputable laptop brand like Dell, HP, Sony or Apple.
  • Licensed Software: If not all software than at least try to buy a laptop that has licensed windows or mac (in case of Apple) OS.