Top Private Medical Colleges India

List of Top 10 Private Medical Colleges in India

When you get your NEET UG 2020 result, you’ll have a few questions to answer.

Filling complete forms, you’d be interested in learning more about the quality and reputation of the medical schools in your top three choices. Private medical schools abound in India, with 215 of them offering about 27,000 MBBS seats.

A list of India’s top 10 private medical colleges is provided in this report. In order to remove any possible prejudice, they are arranged in random order. Here you can check the top 10 Gov. medical colleges in India.

In these top private medical colleges in India, you can find a lot of foreigners as well. If you are from the United States and you are willing to complete your MBBS degree from India, then you should check the Indian visa for US citizens guide so that you can get your study visa.

Christian Medical College, Vellore

Medical schools in India’s top ten include Christian Medical College in Vellore, which offers an impressive combination of education, healthcare, and research. The CMC, a minority educational institution in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, was founded in 1900.

It has developed into a full-fledged medical college that provides instruction in the fields of medicine, nursing, and allied health. In and around Vellore, it has a network of teaching hospitals for primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary care.

It’s a renowned medical center with a total of 3000 beds that offers a wide range of medical specialties. One hundred seats are available for medical students in the MBBS program.

Kasturba Medical College, Manipal

In 1953, a private medical institution in Manipal called Kasturba Medical College was established. Manipal’s Kasturba Medical College offers high-quality medical training that draws students from all around the world, not only India.

Every year, students from throughout the world apply and graduate from the college. This college’s degrees are accepted around the world.

The Medical Council of India, the General Medical Council of Great Britain, the Malaysian Medical Council, and the Australian Medical Council all recognise KMC. A total of 250 seats are available for medical students.

St. John’s Medical College, Bengaluru

In 1963, St. John’s Medical College in Bengaluru was formed as a non-profit institution. One of the most advanced hospitals in the world, it has 1350 beds and includes a variety of medical and surgical specialties.

There are 150 MBBS seats available. The 132-acre site includes a hospital and a college. With cutting-edge facilities such as a Bio-repository and an Institute of Health Care Management and Paramedical Studies, the Institute houses a world-class college for nursing students.

Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi

One of South India’s best hospitals and medical colleges, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi, popularly known as Amrita Hospital, is located in Kochi, Kerala. In 1998, Mata Amrita Nand Amayi Devi, also known as AMMA, formed the organization.

Primary and specialized medical care is available at Amrita Hospital, as well as cross-specialty consulting. On 125 acres of campus, it is accessible by car. It boasts a faculty of 670 professors, all of whom came from prestigious universities throughout the world.

This medical school has more than 2500 graduates who are prepared to work in any environment, from private practice to academic medicine to global health outreach. There are 100 MBBS seats available.

Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research, Chennai

The Sri Ramachandra Educational and Health Trust established the Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research in Chennai in 1985, and it is now one of India’s leading health sciences universities.

It offers a total of 250 places in the MBBS program. Over the course of the last three decades, the institute has evolved into a Deemed University with a total of twelve faculties. the Sri Ramachandra Medical College and Research Institute; the dental school; pharmacy; nursing; physical therapy; allied health; management; biomedical science; public health; sports science; clinical research; and the engineering and technology schools; and so on.

Programs in health care sciences are available at the Deemed University, which has 150 undergraduate and graduate programs. Almost 6,500 students are taught and mentored by approximately 950 faculty members at any given moment.

The Christian Medical College & Hospital, Ludhiana

Founded in 1899, the Christian Medical College & Hospital, Ludhiana, is one of the country’s first medical schools. Christian members of the area’s small but vocal minority-run it.

Since its inception as a medical school in 1894, Christian Medical College has gone by the name Christian Medical College. For its first admission in 1953, it became an all-female medical college because of the new MBBS course.

CMC, Ludhiana has produced more than 2000 graduates over the past 70 years, who now serve in a variety of roles in India and around the world. It has 75 places in the MBBS program.

Christian Medical College is located on both sides of Brown Road, a 47-acre campus near Ludhiana Railway Station. The hospital has 775 hospital beds and is regarded as one of the best in the north of the country.

Hostels for both men and women are available on campus, as well as for students from overseas. Recreational facilities include a swimming pool and a state-of-the-art library. Nursing, dental, and physical therapy colleges are also available.

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Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore

Government Wenlock Hospital and Government Lady Goschen Hospital served as the clinical foundation for Kasturba Medical College in Mangalore, which opened its doors in 1955. At Mangalore University, the college’s pre-clinical branch was established in 1961.

When the Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore was established in 1977, it became a separate institution. Additionally, there is a teaching hospital attached to the College that serves as a teaching facility.

A total of 500 beds are housed in KMC Hospital, Attavar, which was established in 1992. There are many large air-conditioned lecture rooms equipped with sophisticated audio-visual teaching aids, a completely air-conditioned library with a seating capacity of roughly 500, and an internet connection available in the library. There are 250 seats available for MBBS students.

JSS Academy of Higher Education and Research

In Mysuru, Karnataka, the JSS Academy of Higher Education and Research is a Deemed to Be University. Since its start in 2008, it has placed a strong emphasis on academics, research, and patient care. The seating capacity is 200.

Nearly 2,000 undergraduate and graduate students and about 300 research fellows are taught by more than 600 faculty members. There is a medical college, a dental college, and a pharmacy college in Mysuru, as well as a pharmacy college located in Ootacamund, Tamil Nadu, in the JSS Academy.

The Ramaiah Medical College and Hospital, Bangalore

Gokula Education Foundation established the Ramaiah Medical College and Hospital in Bangalore in 1979. There are 1,331 beds in the hospital, and it provides treatment for all major specialties.

The College’s facilities are state-of-the-art, including classrooms equipped with technology and laboratories with the latest technology. Clinical practice and research are two of the main areas of emphasis.

Doctor of Medicine (MD), Master of Science (MS), and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees are available at the college, as well as post-doctoral fellowships and research opportunities in many fields. Bachelor’s, Masters, and Ph.D. degrees in physiotherapy are also available at the institute. Seats for 150 MBBS students can be found here.

Dayanand Medical College & Hospital (DMCH) Ludhiana

Established in 1964, Punjab’s Dayanand Medical College & Hospital (DMCH) Ludhiana has 1326 beds (including 800 teaching beds) and is one of the largest tertiary care teaching hospitals in the country.

All the contemporary facilities and technology needed to provide the best possible care and education to patients and students alike may be found in the complex of modern buildings that make up the institution. It offers a total of 100 seats for MBBS students.