Before You Travel to Dehradun, You Should Know These Things

Dehradun is a jumping-off point to the holy cities of Haridwar and Rishikesh, as well as the popular hill station of Mussoorie. Dehradun’s nice atmosphere is well-known, and it lasts throughout the year.

Accommodation in Dehradun

Uttarakhand’s capital city of Dehradun has a wide range of hotels to select from, at prices to suit a variety of travelers’ wallets. Dehradun’s proximity to popular tourist destinations like Mussoorie, Haridwar, and Rishikeshhas led to a boom in the city’s hotel industry.

It’s not hard to find either five-star resorts with every imaginable amenity or budget inns with fewer amenities than those in Dehradun. Here you can check all the requirements for applying for an Indian visa for Albania citizens.

Food of Dehradun

The city of Dehradun is notable for being one of the few in Uttarakhand to have effectively adopted the culinary customs of other regions inside India. Restaurants abound, each offering a menu that’s as varied in flavor as the city itself.

Dehradun is home to multiple restaurants from popular fast food franchises. Food outlets of all kinds may be found in abundance along Rajpur Road. Native Pahadi food is something to try together with dishes from North India, South India, Thailand, China, Italy, Tibet, and continental Europe.

Dehradun’s History

Histories indicate that Shri Ram Rai, the eldest son of the seventh Sikh Guru, Har Rai Ji, is responsible for giving the city of Dehradun its name. In the year 1676, Shri Ram Rai established his camp, or ‘dera,’ in the valley, or ‘dun,’ as the locals call it.

The original name, Deradun, was altered to the more modern Dehradun. It has been said that the magnetic Ram Rai left the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb in amazement with his amazing abilities.

This is why he begged Fateh Shah, the current Raja of Garhwal, to help out Shri Ram Rai. So, the people of Dhamawala built a sacred place of worship called a Gurudwara. And the current building that serves as Darbar Shri Guru Ram Rai Ji Maharaj was completed in 1707.

Dehradun fell to Mahmud of Ghazni’s forces during the war in India, but it was taken by three different people: Taimooralang, Ruahela Njibuddulo, and Ghulam Qadir. In 1757, following Ghulam Qadir, the city fell to Ruahela Njibuddulo.

The city of Dehradun was conquered by the British in the year 1816. Dehradun and the surrounding Garhwal and Kumaon areas were merged into United Provinces, later renamed Uttar Pradesh, after India’s independence.

Uttarakhand (formerly known as Uttaranchal) was created in 2000 as a state by splitting off the districts in Uttar Pradesh’s far northwest, and the city of Dehradun was chosen as its provisional capital under the Reorganization Act of 2000.

Stories about Dehradun

Dehradun derives from the local name, “Doon Valley,” in Hindu mythology. This moniker comes from the Ramayana and Mahabharata, two epic Hindu stories.

Skanda Purana describes the city of Dehradun as lying in the region of Kedar Khand, also known as the home of Shiva. They say that Lord Rama and his brother Lakshmana did penance in Dehradun after killing Ravana. Dehradun is one of India’s first settlements.

Temples and idols dating back to almost 2,000 years have been uncovered in the countryside around Dehradun. The Ramayana and the Mahabharata both mention these buildings from that era. It is also stated that the Pandava and Kauravas’ royal guru, Guru Dronacharya, resided in Dehradun.

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Dehradun also Called as City of Joy

Dehradun hosts a number of outstanding religious events throughout the year, including the Jhanda Fair, the Tapkeshwar Fair, and the Laxmansidh Fair.

Tourists in Dehradun can either indulge in a shopping frenzy at one of the ritzy malls or try their luck at bargaining at the crowded Paltan Market or the Tibetan Market.

Close to Dehradun, travelers can also visit the popular tourist hotspots of Mussoorie, Dhanaulti, Auli, Kanatal, and Rishikesh, as well as Haridwar. There is never a bad time to visit Dehradun, as the climate is always pleasant. As an alternative, you might visit at the off-peak times when there are less visitors and less traffic.

Dehradun Fairs

Major fairs are held all year long in and around Dehradun, with some of the most well-known being the Jhanda Fair, Tapkeshwar Fair, Laxmansidh Fair, Bissu Fair, Mahasu Devta Fair, and the Shaheed Veer Kesri Chandra Fair.

On a regular basis, this city also hosts trade fairs, where you may get unique products from different parts of India at prices that won’t break the bank.