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What is Dedicated Hosting and Do I need Dedicated Server?

Many people don’t know about the difference between dedicated hosting and shared hosting. They just continue using their basic hosting plan with cheaper rates and average server speed.

Some of them even face downtime on their websites but still, they don’t take any actions to overcome the issues, because they don’t want to grow their business. Only a few website owners are brave and intelligent enough to move their websites on dedicated servers once they feel that they need to grow their business and to secure their websites.


Difference between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting:

On shared hosting, there are a lot of websites hosted on the same servers sharing a portion of all the available resources of the servers. These websites are sharing disk space, bandwidth, and other resources at the same time and if one website is getting a lot of traffic or using a lot of resources it will affect the other website’s performance.

While on dedicated servers a specially designed server is allocated to a single user who can use the full power of that server. All the disk space and bandwidth are available to only one person and that person can use the full resources to grow his/her business and website.

There are also hacking/phishing risks involved in shared hosting plans as one person is sharing the hosting space with a bunch of other unknown webmasters. While dedicated servers are very secure in this regard as compare to shared servers.

Do I Need a Dedicated Server?

This is a very important question but many webmasters do not think about this issue. If your website is new and you have only a few visitors then obviously you don’t need to buy dedicated servers unless you are conscious about the security of your online data.

But if your website is growing, you need high speed, you need to optimize your website in a better way, you need a lot of visitors and you have concerns about the security of your website, then definitely you need dedicated hosting that can be managed only by you. It will increase the performance of your website and also provide you an extra layer of security and reduce the threats for your website.

If you are in Europe and planning to grow your online business then you must try Netherlands dedicated server as your hosting partner. You will get good technical support and 99.9% up-time for your website. It will increase your business for sure and you will find that investing some extra money on your hosting plan will give you 10 times more return on investment.