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Zangu: Language Learning App For Kids by AITeachU

With the advancement in technology, education is also getting advance day by day. Days are gone when you need to hire teachers who teach you every day at a fixed time at your home.

Or you no longer need to go to academy every day for tuition after spending hectic time at school. In Asian countries like India and Pakistan, it is also a big trend to learn foreign languages so that they can get work Visa for the respective countries.

There are so many institutes where people go to learn English, Spanish, Italian, German or some other languages. But why people should wait to learn a language when they need a visa? Why not from childhood so that they can speak like a native speaker and they don’t face any problems in reading, writing or speaking that language.

On the basis of the fact that kids can learn any language in less time as compared to an adult AITeachU has developed a new app called Zangu which uses artificial intelligence to teach you different languages every month.

The app is specially designed for kids and to make the app interesting it has different kinds of activities, puzzles, and games. 3 years to 10 years kids can use this language learning app on their own without the help of others.

There is not even a single character in the app and it will not be intended to show kids that they are learning something extra and they don’t feel any burden on them of learning a new language like they could feel at school if they ask to learn something new.

Because of amazing science used in the Zangu app the developers have made it very friendly for kids and they can speak any new language by using the app only for one to two months.

In this short time, your kids will start speaking just like a naive kid with a proper accent and without errors. Kids will use this language learning app just like any other entertaining app and the keep learning new languages.

For Indian and Pakistani kids, the Zangu app is very good to teach the English language with proper pronunciation. It is equally good for adults as well who can not only learn new languages but they can also improve any language which the knew a little.